Group Committee

Everyone with a child at the 6th Hackney is part of a community and contributes to the running of the group in some way. The group also has an executive committee (the trustees of the charity) who are responsible for making sure that the group runs correctly and sorting out any issues.

How is the committee decided?

The committee is made up of different types of members:

  • Our key volunteers (the Group Scout Leader, and the two main section leaders for each age group)

  • The Group Chair (who is appointed by the Group Scout Leader)

  • The elected Treasurer & Secretary (voted for at the group AGM each year)

  • Individuals the committee choose to co-opt because of their skills / experience / role in the group. (this will usually include the Group Administrator)

  • An elected parent representative from each age group (voted for at the group AGM each year)

The rules for this can be found in Chapter 3 of The Scouts' Policy, Organisation, and Rules (POR)

Who's on the committee?

Zakkaria Sayed
Group Scout Leader

Nasser Patel

Our support team:

Fazil Gajia
Group Treasurer

Shanaz Kajee
Group Secretary

Mohamed Dana
Group Administrator

Our section leaders:

Tasnim Desai
Beaver Scout Leader

Haroon Alibhai
Cub Scout Leader

Our parent representatives:

We'll elect a parent from each section to the committee when we have our first AGM later in 2022.